PAC NW Presents... Candy Cigarettes, Dreamcatchr & Colorworks @ Kelly's Olympian


TUESDAY, June 21 2016--Earlier this week, I headed to one of my favorite dives in SW Portland, Kelly's Olympian. A dark, motorcycle-clad little hole in the wall on Washington Avenue, this place has been the site of some of my favorite shows in PDX. This night would be a special treat, as it was the first time I was able to catch our Seattle Artist Members--Colorworks and friends dreamcatchr--joined by Rip City's own Candy Cigarettes.

The first thing that struck me was the energy in the room, which was by no means packed to the gills, but had a notably generous turnout for a Tuesday night. Avidity. No random drunk stragglers jello shooting their way through downtown like on your average weekend; tonight the intention was music and music only. Okay, maybe a couple beers, too. But mostly music.

First up was Colorworks. I watched them take the stage from a distant table and was taken aback by their melodic coolness--it was like watching a four-headed beast spawned from the loins of The Zombies and Elvis Costello--a comparison solidified by their unblemished cover of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me". They sailed through their set with dreamy charisma, swooning harmonies, and a chiming reverb. The relationship between drums and bass was so strikingly in-tune, reading one another and maintaining steady eye contact as if they were keeping a secret from us.

Required listening: "Daydreams" off of their new EP "Dreams of Mangoes".

Find it here: